Monday, October 25, 2010

Dispelling The Rumors - a Squaw Valley ski movie

Dispelling The Rumors - a squaw valley ski movie

"HELLLOOOOO skiers and riders!" (Eric T). Have you already forgot why we love to ski at Squaw Valley USA!? Are you frustrated by the pleathora of rumors that have been going around about your favorite ski area?!! Well, have I got the ski movie for you! Here is quick reminder of why we ski here and what makes Squaw unique. "Enlightenment can only be found througth truth" (Confusus). I couldn't agree more.

Dispelling The Rumors - a ski movie - Squaw Valley USA from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crater Lake, OR

Desperate Man Clings to California Oregon Summer.

Okay, okay, I've been doing some serious bragging about California lately (because it's the balls!). But, it looks like it's now time for me to suck it up and give some props to Oregon. I'm gonna come right out and say that Crater Lake is incredible. In the true sense of the word. It's actually difficult to believe that it's real. I was there in the end of September this year and I was high off its freaky electric blue water for a week.

Crater Lake and me, if you look hard

Crater Lake is the cleanest body of water on Earth and the deepest lake in America at 1,949 feet deep (the only one deeper than Tahoe). It has two islands: Wizard and Phantom Ship. Phantom Ship is an eerie island formed from an acient volcano that rose up before the big Mazama volcano collapsed and formed Crater Lake. Another amazing feature of the park is its endless forests. I've spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest and I've never seen such huge swaths of untouched forest.

Hell, there are even these crazy 100 foot high pumice pinnicles that formed when hot gases from fumaroles cemented the pumice and ash together before a river erroded away the remaining loose pumice and left the pinnincles standing there. The craziest part is that the pinnicles are hollow. "Boring, I know, but it's part of my life." Check the pic below.

Learn some stuff about Crater Lake:

I spent a full day in the park, cricumnavigating the lake and cliff jumping into it. I'm not a dirty hippy, but I've got to admit that that water is special and it had me feeling ubelievably alive. I'm higly confident that you could bottle Crater Lake's waters and sell it at Phish concerts as a magical elixir for huge profit.

Phantom ship Island

Another view

Looking North

The Pinnicles of Crater Lake NP

Yet another view

DO NOT FEED THE CHIPMUNKS!!! But you almost have to! These guys were so aggressive they'd actually jump into your lap and rip food outta your hands. They pissed me off, but I also kinda loved 'em.

The California Delta

Desperate man clings to CA summer

Ever wonder what it's like to be drunk, rowdy, and sunburned? Have I gotta place for you.....

It's actually kinda crazy that no one knows about the California Delta. It's truly California's gem and one helluva good time. It doesn't matter what time of day or where in the delta you are, you can find glassy water for ripping on skis or flying on your wakeboard. You can also find hot girls having fun, drinking, and dancing provocatively with almost nothing on anywhere you go. I was just in the Delta yesterday and it was in the high 80s and the water was warm and glassy.

The California Delta is a tangle of waterways that starts at the confulence of the San Joaquin (from the south) and the Sacramento (from the north) and weaves it's way into the San Francisco Bay. The Delta has 1,000 miles of waterways and covers over 738,000 acres. The whole thing is a monsterous estuary that supports a ridiculous amout of life.

Delta Crawdad's are pissed off and burly

The Delta is home to 52 mammal species, 22 reptile and amphibian species, 225 bird species and 54 fish species.

The most common fish species are striped bass (can be more than 50 lbs), sturgeon (up to 1,798 lbs & 20 feet long!!), catfish, black bass, salmon and American shad. When I swim in the delta, I'm always thinking about those freaky prehistoric sturgeon.

Delta Waterskiing from miles clark on Vimeo.

When I'm at the Delta I love water skiing, swimming, kayaking, bird and animal watching, taking photos, drinking beer, and viciously chilling out. The place completely changes your state of mind and time slows down signifigantly. I have never been anywhere that has a much wildlife as our California Delta. River otters are by far my favorite critters there. They're just always having a blast.

Tule reeds

Learn more about the CA Delta at:

Mt. Diablo and the CA Delta

Vicious chillin'

A little Perch from our crab trap

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poaching God's Bath

Desperate man clings to California summer.

18 months of straight winter have left me desperate for everything summer. Cliff jumping, water skiing, swimming, baseball games, outdoor concerts, surfing, and bikinis is how I define summertime. In the next couple weeks I'll be posting how I was able to satisfy my dirty California summertime desires.

This place is called God's Bath and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been anywhere. Pure California. I spent the day here with my buddy, 'The Foot', cliff jumping, snorkeling, swimming in the waterfalls, and drinking beer. The water was crystal clear and ice-fucking-cold. The highlight of the day was when we figured out that a hole next to the river was connected and that you could swim into the hole from the river under a granite bridge. Check out the video.

Here's some more photos:


The Foot, pops out of hte hole via the river

The Foot runs a muck.

Snorkel ready

Yep, it's that gorgeous!